We partner with educators and business leaders to coach and train the next generation of entrepreneurs and STEM professionals to lead purpose driven projects and inclusive, cross-functional teams that collaborate & create digital products and services customer's value.

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We specialize in Enabling Small Business Success Through Technology Enabled Signature Programs

strategy Design

We work with our clients to create a high-level plan that ensures the digital products and support services they design align with their program vision and will help their customers achieve the results they want. 

Engagement Planning

We work with our clients to identify, analyze and plan the activities and communication that will engage the key stakeholders they need to help create, implement and support their digital product.   

leader Development
We partner with industry experts to provide our clients with accessible coaching, continuing education and mentorship programs to help their people develop  digital product & project leadership skills. 

Hi, I'm Marianne Bell

I believe your vision of improving the lives of the people you serve matters and want your business to grow.  Being intentional about the planning and management of projects that deliver new digital products or services and the associated operations is an effective way to enable the success of your signature program.  

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Why trust marianne

Marianne is a customer focused and experienced strategic program leader with over fifteen years experience  working with senior leaders and executives in the public and private sector to help them leverage a proven project delivery framework that turns their ideas into products, services and results their customers {ideally} love. Marianne has seen the good, bad and ugly side of using projects to achieve expected outcomes and believe when people make their personal growth and leadership development a priority early on in their career, they add value to the business and the customer's they serve.


Marianne sees beyond surface-level goals to where people really want to go.  Her calming 'everything is figureoutable' attitudes enables her to see obstacles as opportunities.  This helps her client's prepare for what's ahead and coaches them through challenging experiences. 


Marianne's curiosity and love for learning leave her with a diverse network of connections and toolkit of strategies that she regularly accesses to help people steer clear of potholes and raising awareness of potential opportunities or solutions that best enable the client's success. 


Marianne is outcome driven and invests her time and energy in her development as a leader of projects that create positive change. Her diverse knowledge and experience enables her to apply proven frameworks to implement strategy and create a culture of collaboration and trust.    


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